Prevention of Sexual Harassment

Prevention of Sexual Harassment

The Prevention of Sexual Harassment (PoSH) at Workplace Act of India mandates every organization to define its sexual harassment policies, prevention systems, procedures, and service rules for its employees. At Yung Minds we educate employees on what kind of behavior can be called sexual harassment, and what are the boundaries for acceptable and unacceptable behavior at the workplace. We simplify the understanding of the PoSH law, help in end-to-end implementation in workplaces, and ensure organizations are PoSH Law organization compliant as per the Government regulations in line with the Sexual Harassment at Workplaces (Prevention, Prohibition & Redressal) Act 2013.

What we offer:

What We Offer:

  • External Committee Member

  • PoSH Policy Design and Review

  • Training and Awareness Sessions for both ICC and Employees

  • PoSH Case Handling

  • Annual Report Filing


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Shaifaly Sangal
CEO - Yung Minds

Womenpereneur | Posh Consultant | HR Consultant| Mentor
Shaifaly is a successful woman entrepreneur. She is founder of Yung Minds and Woman With Wings. She brings with her more than 2 decades of experience.
She is State President UP HR with Women Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry. Shaifaly leads the awards vertical of HR SUCCESS TALK (a community of 1.5 Lks professionals). Also she is President of Young Entrepreneur Network and a multi award winner.
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